Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top 10 Kdrama Actors Over 35 You'd Still Call "Oppa"

As a K-drama, you know better than anyone else that at times it feels like South Korea is
just the codename for Neverland. It appears to be a land where everyone is young and no
one besides halmoni is old. Now as much as I crush on all the guys my own age and younger, I still find myself getting mega crushes on a hot ajusshi every now and then. You know, the ajusshi’s who are just a tad bit older than the oppa’s but you still have no problem what so ever calling them oppa if they asked you to.

The top ten actors over 35 in no particular order who no matter how old they are, you’d
still call them “oppa.”

Bae Yong Joon (29 August 1972)

Jang Dong Gun (7 March 1972)

Joo Jin Mo (11 August 1974)

Kim Min Jong (23 March 1971)

Kim Sung Soo (23 May 1973)

Lee Byung Hun (12 July 1970)

LeeJongHyuk3 (1)-horz.jpg
Lee Jong Hyuk (31 July 1974)

Lee Sung Jae (23 August 1970)

Ryu Jin (16 November 1972)

Kwang Sang Woo (5 August 1976)

Welcome 2PM's Jun.K to Instagram !!!

You'll be seeing even more of 2PM's Jun.K as he has just started Instagram!

Jun.K made the announcement as he revealed the link on his Twitter to his first
 Instagram post, which was captioned,"JUS STRTED IT NOW", along with a selca
 of himself with quite the facial expression!

After making his entrance into the world of Instagram, he's been on an uploading
 rampage, so check out his account (jun2dakay) here to follow him and check out
 the other photos below!










Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Introduce~NEW MENU!!!! Budae jjigae

The 7 Best Models Turn Become Actors


Leading right behind the popular idol-to-actor trend, viewers have been pleasantly surprised to see long-legged, sharply-sculpted, and undeniably charming models taking the lead roles in many of our favorite dramas. And not only are these rising actor/models are stealing main roles, but they are also making their way into variety shows, MCs, and commercial deals. These beautiful men were once found strutting across the runway stages. And now, they are on the path following the legendary model-to-actor seniors such as Jo In SungCha Seung Won, and Gong Yoo.

Here are some of our favorite rising model-to-actor rookie that have caused a significant impact in the K-drama realm.
Lee Jong Suk (Secret Garden, High Kick, School 2013, I Hear Your Voice)

Kim Woo Bin (Vampire Idol, A Gentleman's Dignity, To The Beautiful You, School 2013)
Song Jae Rim (Flower Boy Ramen Shop, The Moon Embracing The Sun, Nail Shop Paris)
Kim Young Kwang (My Fair Lady, Love Rain, Can We Get Married?, Secret of the Birth)
Wong Jong Hyun (Oh! My Lady, Vampire Idol, Wild Romance, Dating Agency: Cyrano)
Sung Joon (Personal Taste, Lie To Me, Can We Get Married?, Gu Family Book)
Lee Soo Hyuk (White Christmas, What's Up?, Vampire Idol, Shark)

Monday, June 10, 2013

[Magazine] SNSD's Taeyeon Various Makeup Looks

Girls' Generation(SNSD) Taeyeon  various makeup looks for High Cut
vol.103 magazine!!!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Henry unleashes "Trap" (ft. Kyuhyun and Taemin) + mini album!

Make way because Henry is here to reclaim the hearts of fans with his solo debut this time!

In addition to the title track "Trap", his mini album also includes "1-4-3 (I Love You)" by his own composing team Noize Bank that describes the story of a guy who hasn't completely mastered the Korean language falling for a Korean girl(Henry is this about you?); "My Everything", a medium tempo R&B pop song; "Ready 2 Love", a self-composed song by Henry; "Holiday", an upbeat song that talks about wanting to escape when things don't seem to go your way; and "I Would", an emotional song (in English!) further emphasized by the piano melody ofYiruma.

To make his solo debut even more exciting, he's brought in his labelmates Kyuhyun and Taemin who both feature in "Trap". These two will also hop on stage for broadcast performances of the song starting with 'Music Bank' later tonight!


"1-4-3 (I Love You)"

"My Everything"

"Ready 2 Love"


"I Would"

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Taeyeon promotes upcoming ‘2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour’ !!!

Taeyeon, who has been actively interacting with fans through her Instagram, goes all out to promote Girls’ Generation’s upcoming ‘2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour’.
The adorable leader posted the official tour poster and wrote, “2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour -Girls&Peace- starts off this weekend in SEOUL!! Ps. Everybody watch Love&Girls PV & make sure you memorize the *shampoo dance* ;) the first love&girls performance! it’s going to be revealed for the first time at the Seoul concert on June 8th! let’s all get whistles and dance the shampoo dance I’m totally excited! let’s meet on Saturday #GGworldtour #GG#girlsgeneration”
Girls’ Generation will kick off their ‘2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace’ starting in Seoul at the Gymnastics Stadium on June 8th and 9th before going around Asia as well as the various parts of the world.

Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung will getting married this August !!!

It is official~ Actor Lee Byung Hun and actress Lee Min Jung are getting married this August !!

After rumors surfaced again today, the reps of both actors have confirmed that the couple have decided to get married later this year!

Due to Lee Byung Hun's busy schedule with his world promotional tour for his Hollywood film, 'G.I. Joe 2', the couple have set the date for months later in August. Lee Min Jung also got caught up in wedding rumors after catching the bouquet at a friend's wedding, signaling the actress as the next one to get married.

Congrats to Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung!!!

BH Entertainment's official statement:
Hello, this is Lee Byung Hun's agency BH Entertainment.
We will reveal the information regarding the marriage of
Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung for all those who've
taken interest through this press release. The two, who
have promised to love and trust one another forever and
become life partners, will be getting married at the Grand
Hayatt Hotel on August 10th. Since the two's love for
each other have blossomed thanks to all your support and
interest, we hope that you'll continue to support them and
send them love for their new start. Lee Byung Hun will
continue to remain a hardworking actor and also do his
best to show a good image as he leads a household.

Thank you. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Releases New Single “Love Dust”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun continues to amaze people with his smooth vocals on his latest
single, “Love Dust.”

The gorgeous song is the 2nd lineup for the special project album of talented composer
 Hwang Sungjae. The Hwang Sungjae Project Album “Superhero” celebrates the 15th anniversary of the composer’s debut. The album will include a total of 10 songs which were recorded in the past by other famous artists. However, the songs will be remastered 
and recorded by new singers.

“Love Dust” was previously recorded by the Bubble Sisters in 2006. The composer says
that Kyuhyun maintains the original feeling of the song but that his version is “more
concise and warm.”

Without a doubt, Kyuhyun does indeed deliver a wonderful rendition of the song with his beautiful phrasing and flawless vocals. As with other solo recordings such as ”Late Autumn”, Kyuhyun once again shows us that he goes far beyond being a handsome face in a popular boy band. He is an extremely talented musician and a true artist.

The first single to be recorded for the project album was “Atlantis Princess” by Park Jung
Hyun, a song made famous by BOA. The next line up for the album is yet to be announced.
To check out an interview and behind the scenes footage for the making of “Love Dust,”
watch the video below and video features the full length song as recorded by Kyuhyun.

Monday, June 3, 2013

After School’s Uee Reveals Her Home in “Barefoot Friends”

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends,” which was aired on June 2, the cast visited After School’s Uee’s home.
Uee stated nervously, “This is the first time my house is being shown on TV. I didn’t realize I would feel like this.”
Uee’s room, which consisted of mostly white and ivory colors, appeared to be very feminine. However, various pairs of boxing gloves were visible, surprising everyone. Special guest Lee Hyo Ri asked, “Why are there so many boxing gloves in a girl’s room?”
Uee answered shyly, “I am thinking about taking lessons.” To this explanation, the other members of the show teased Uee as they said, “Are you trying to imitate Lee Si Young?” Actress Lee Si Young has recently became the first female celebrity to make the national boxing team.
Netizens that saw this episode commented, “I was surprised to see the gloves,” and “Uee’s house was nice.”

Sunday, June 2, 2013