Monday, June 3, 2013

After School’s Uee Reveals Her Home in “Barefoot Friends”

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends,” which was aired on June 2, the cast visited After School’s Uee’s home.
Uee stated nervously, “This is the first time my house is being shown on TV. I didn’t realize I would feel like this.”
Uee’s room, which consisted of mostly white and ivory colors, appeared to be very feminine. However, various pairs of boxing gloves were visible, surprising everyone. Special guest Lee Hyo Ri asked, “Why are there so many boxing gloves in a girl’s room?”
Uee answered shyly, “I am thinking about taking lessons.” To this explanation, the other members of the show teased Uee as they said, “Are you trying to imitate Lee Si Young?” Actress Lee Si Young has recently became the first female celebrity to make the national boxing team.
Netizens that saw this episode commented, “I was surprised to see the gloves,” and “Uee’s house was nice.”

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