Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top 10 Kdrama Actors Over 35 You'd Still Call "Oppa"

As a K-drama, you know better than anyone else that at times it feels like South Korea is
just the codename for Neverland. It appears to be a land where everyone is young and no
one besides halmoni is old. Now as much as I crush on all the guys my own age and younger, I still find myself getting mega crushes on a hot ajusshi every now and then. You know, the ajusshi’s who are just a tad bit older than the oppa’s but you still have no problem what so ever calling them oppa if they asked you to.

The top ten actors over 35 in no particular order who no matter how old they are, you’d
still call them “oppa.”

Bae Yong Joon (29 August 1972)

Jang Dong Gun (7 March 1972)

Joo Jin Mo (11 August 1974)

Kim Min Jong (23 March 1971)

Kim Sung Soo (23 May 1973)

Lee Byung Hun (12 July 1970)

LeeJongHyuk3 (1)-horz.jpg
Lee Jong Hyuk (31 July 1974)

Lee Sung Jae (23 August 1970)

Ryu Jin (16 November 1972)

Kwang Sang Woo (5 August 1976)

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