Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Henry Lau is SM Entertainment's Newest Solo Artist
The wait is finally over!  In a surprise announcement of a grand debut of a solo artist, SM Entertainment earlier today, May 28th, put out teasers that they will be revealing SMTown's newest solo artist.  It got all fans of SMTown artists excited and speculating as to who the mysterious person is.
Decked with tattoos reading "Noizebank" and "Henry" all over his youthful frame, Super Junior-M'sHenry Lau is officially announced as SM Entertainment's newest solo star. The road to this solo debut has been long for Henry, while he has made significant contributions and accomplishments while standing in the background.  Henry is a multi-talented artist -- being able to play various instruments and gaining respect with his self-composed songs featured in SM Entertainment albums being part of the composer group 'Noizebank'. He also took a short break to pursue studies at Berklee College in the USA, to further hone his musical talents. 
The Canadian bred Hong Kong national talented musician is also known to be proficient in many languages, being able to speak Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, French and of course English.  Hence, his solo debut is expected to gain international attention.The young artist's talent and cute and vibrant image are quick formulas for his anticipated success.
Henry's solo album titled 'Trap' will be released digitally on June 7th.  He will also take part in album promotions internationally.
Congratulations and good luck to you Henry!

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