Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LUNAFLY Captured Fans' Hearts in Singapore Showcase

In a showcase held on 12th May at Hard Rock Cafe, attended by over 300 fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and more, LUNAFLY showed fans what they are made of. Saying that they always act like their own selves on and off the stage, fans can definitely see how Sam, the leader, leads the group in the show while Yun, the youngest member, was very quiet throughout the show, only talking when prompted. Teo, the moodmaker, talked non-stop, entertaining fans with his cute antics and random English words, which Sam dubbed as Tinglish (short for Teo's English). With these three characters combined, together with their vocals and harmonization, they definitely captured fans' heart by the end of the night.
Singing over 18 songs in the showcase that spanned over 2 hours, LUNAFLY serenades the fans with their original songs such as Clear Day Cloudy Day, Seeing You or Missing You, One More Step and What's Your Name as well as the three new tracks from their first full-length album, which is Fly to Love, Van Gogh and also Innocent and Young. Being a group well-known for doing covers, they also performed Justin Bieber's Baby, Train's 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, and Bruno Mars' Locked Out of Heaven, just to name a few.
Fans in Singapore were extremely enthusiastic, singing along to each and every songs that the boys performed. At one particular moment, when the fans sang Super Hero along with the members, Sam commented how that gave him goosebumps as that song is extremely important for them, it being their debut song. And as a gift to fans in Singapore, the boys also sang Endless Road, originally sung by a Singaporean singer JJ Lin.
To mark the end of the showcase, the boys of LUNAFLY sang a medley of One Direction songs and even went down the stage to be closer to the fans. Right after the showcase ended, over 150 VIP ticket holders got the chance to take a photo with LUNAFLY to keep as a keepsake of a memorable night.

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